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The Lagos State University (LASU) opened its gates in 1984 to admit students into the Faculties of: Education, Science, and Law and Humanities. The Faculty of Engineering, Technology and Environmental Science (FETES) was established in the 1986/87 academic session. The mission of Faculty was geared towards producing broad-based engineers with high professional competence, liberal, humane dispositions and critical minds.
In the first phase of its development, FETES had five academic programmes (Computer Engineering, Marine Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Polymer Technology) consolidated into two departments namely:
(i) Department of Chemical Engineering and Polymer Technology (CEPT)
(ii) Department of Computer, Marine and Mechanical Engineering (CMME)
In 1993, the Governor of Lagos State approached the Federal Military Government to ask for the release of the abandoned Military Cantonment in Epe to Lagos State. This was granted and the Faculty of Engineering moved to Epe in 1998 where there was plenty of space for staff accommodation, lecture rooms, laboratories and workshops.
The Faculty has a modern library built and commissioned in Epe Campus late 2008 by the Chairman of the Governing Council Mr. Kekere-Ekun (OFR), with a sitting capacity of 400 and additional seat for 100 in the e-library section.
The Faculty currently has Four (4) Departments with their corresponding degrees being awarded as listed below:
1. Chemical & Polymer Engineering Department
(a) B.Sc. Chemical and Polymer Engineering
(b) Post-Graduate Diploma in Chemical & Polymer Engineering
(c) M.Sc. Chemical & Polymer Engineering
(d) PhD Chemical & Polymer Engineering
2. Electronic & Computer Engineering Department
(a) B.Sc. Electronic & Computer Engineering
(b) Post-Graduate Diploma Electronic & Computer Engineering
(c) M.Sc. Electronic & Computer Engineering
(d) Ph.D. Electronic & Computer Engineering
3. Mechanical Engineering Department
(a) B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering
(b) Post-Graduate Diploma Mechanical Engineering
(c) M.Sc. Mechanical Engineering
(d) Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering
4. Aerospace Engineering Department
(a) B.Sc. Aerospace Engineering
Recently, two additional programmes were approved by the senate and council (Civil Engineering, Industrial and Systems Engineering)
THE Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) Degree Programmes in the Faculty of Engineering is based on the philosophy that the rate at which a nation progresses technologically is determined to a great extent by size, quality, motivation and orientation of its science and engineering workforce. The Faculty seeks to contribute to national economic development by training Engineers with:
(a) A good grounding in basic and engineering sciences
(b) A good grasp of the essential application and utility of the courses taught.
(c) A thorough understanding of the experimental and practical basis for the relevant theoretical engineering principles.
(d) Substantial practical skills for tackling real-life engineering problems.
(e) Rudimentary knowledge of entrepreneurial and management principles upon which enterprising professional career can be built.
The main objective of the Faculty is to produce, through instructions, training and research activities, engineers that are able to adequately perform in various industries with an intuition to conceive, adapt and develop techniques to process materials.

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