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a. Philosophy
In Nigeria, there is dearth of trained and well qualified professionals in the transport industry. The Lagos State University School of Transport (LASUSOT) is therefore established to help solve this problem by producing the desired qualified manpower, which will enhance the performance of the transport sector in its critical role in national development.

b. Vision
The vision of Lagos State University (LASUSOT) is to create an excellent modern training centre for producing highly trained manpower for the nation’s transport sector towards attaining sustainable national socio- economic development.

c. Mission
To provide opportunities for prospective transport professionals to acquire specialized training in transport planning and policy, transport technology and infrastructure, transport management and operation as well as logistics and supply chain

d. Objectives
1. To produce transport professionals specializing in the areas of transport planning and policy, transport technology and infrastructure, transport management and operations including logistics and supply chain
2. To continuously articulate, develop and advise on public policy initiatives designed to ensure sustainable transport system for the Country.
3. To develop a versatile and informed human resource pool to meet the growing needs of the transport sector through the provision of short and medium term courses for unskilled and semi-skilled transport labour force.
4. To assist in the continuous sensitization of all stakeholders in the transport industry through intellectual discourse on tropical and contemporary issues.
5. To promote by teaching, research and consultancy services with the advancement of knowledge in transport and its application towards solving urban transport problem.

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