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The Faculty of Arts was a department in the Faculty of Law and Humanities at the inception of the university in 1984. In 1989, Faculty of Arts was carved out of the Faculty of Law and Humanities upon the recommendation of Prof Babs Fafunwa Visitation Panel. The Faculty of Arts emerged and it began as a two-department Faculty, viz: Department of Languages and Linguistics and Department of Religion and Philosophy.

In its efforts to provide the much needed real world skills that will not only prepare the students for a long and successful career, but also contribute to a better world, the Faculty has gone through various transformations in terms of curriculum and staff development. The Faculty has currently developed into seven autonomous multidisciplinary departments as follow:
1. Department of African Languages, Literatures and Communication Arts.
2. Department of English
3. Department of Foreign Languages
4. Department of History and International Studies
5. Department of Philosophy
6. Department of Religions
7. Department of Theatre Arts and Music
Apart from the various degree courses that the Faculty runs, there are also Diploma and Postgraduate programmes that are run by the Faculty.

Just recently, the Centre for Afro-Brazilian Studies (LASUCAS), with the support of Brazilian Embassy in Nigeria, was instituted in the Faculty. It is the first of its kind in Africa. Programmes such as Diploma in Portuguese/Brazilian Studies, Yoruba for Foreigners, Executive Training in Portuguese Language, Centre for CELPE-BRAS, Afro-Brazilian Know Your Root (ABRA-ROOT) have all been created to take care of the yearning population. The Peace Studies programme was also created from the Religious Studies Department in 2018.

The Faculty of Arts have produced graduates that are useful in all areas of industry and government.

The Faculty keys in to the vision and mission of the university and work to contribute to their actualization.

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