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DR AFISI Oseni Taiwo

(Head of Department)

HOD's Welcome Address

The Department of Philosophy, Lagos State University, popularly called LASU Philosophy, ranks tops amongst foremost philosophy Departments in Nigerian Universities. The Department is proud to have experienced scholars who have distinguished themselves in teaching and research in their various areas of specialisations. The Department runs programmes in Diploma, Undergraduate and Postgraduate studies. The curriculum of each of the programmes is designed to stimulate students' thinking abilities, their desire to know and acquire in-depth knowledge about the environment, the individual and the collective human existence. The objective of this holistic approach in the curricula is to ensure that the students are exposed to more current and contemporaneous knowledge in the field. This is in addition to ensuring that the curriculum of each programme meets international standard practices in teaching and research in the field of philosophy. The Department has witnessed increased development in teaching and research as a result of its constant efforts at organising seminars, workshops and conferences where participants and resources persons from across the world attend. 



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Vision statement
The Department of Philosophy, Lagos State University strives to be one of the foremost Philosophy Departments in Nigeria, and to be known for its excellence in teaching and research.

Mission statement
The Department of Philosophy, Lagos State University is committed to providing excellent teaching to students of Philosophy at the Diploma, Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels, and to conduct quality research that is of international standard. Our mission is to impart knowledge on individuals to become independent and open minded with critical minds to help society, and to train competent scholars who will become professional philosophers with the knowledge, skills and values required to teach and conduct quality research that will address the need for knowledge and critical thinking in our society.
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