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LASU Bulletin

VC's Desk

Mr. Adekoya Martin Ademola


The Centre for Information, Press and Public Relations is a component of the Vice Chancellor’s office of the Lagos State University and Public Relations. The Centre was created from the official merger of the former Information & Public Relations Unit and the University Printing Press for the purpose of rebranding and better performance.

Initially, it was Information Unit later Information and Public Relations Unit with additional responsibilities and challenges. The Centre serves as the interface between the University and its huge, diversified and heterogeneous Publics i.e [External and Internal]. The Centre is a one-stop shop for official information dissemination and clarification about the University. For efficient, effective and robust service delivery, the Centre for Information, Press and Public Relations has an internal arrangement of sub-divisions which are as listed below:

  1. Administration Unit
  2. Information Unit
  3. .Media Unit
  4. Events, Protocol and Public Relations Unit
  5. Printing Unit

The above Units were created for the purpose of ensuring quality and impactful service delivery to meet the challenges of information management and dissemination in a University system in the 21st century and to project the image of the University optimally.


  • Provision of a solid platform for the town to meet the gown as soon as possible [i.e. Media/General Public to interact with the University];
  • Ensuring that the University enjoys adequate coverage and reportage of its academic and social activities/programmes/events;
  • Beaming and projecting the University to the larger community/society in a positive light, using the contemporary Public Relations Models/tools;
  • Ensuring the establishment, maintenance and sustenance of mutual understanding between Lagos State University, other academic/research institutions, stakeholders, corporate organisations, and well-meaning individuals/group of individuals;
  • Gathering/Dissemination of information about the University to all stakeholders as and when due, via the production and circulation of the University Official Bulletin and Newstrack both in soft and hard copies;
  • Evaluating the coverage and reportage of LASU stories in the Media space;
  • Ensuring that the venue for University’s programmes/events/activities are perfectly planned, properly organised and managed [i.e. before, during and after];
  • Organization of Press Conferences, Media Chats, Press/News Releases, Interviews, Courtesy calls, Information Data bank and Electronic Messaging, Accommodation and Protocol arrangements;
  • Production and management of University Souvenirs/Mementoes, PRs items’
  • Graphic works and production
  • Printing jobs vis-a-vis, colour separation, plate making, impression, packaging and delivery of printed items;
  • Planning and publication of advertisements/Advertorials in the approved National Newspapers;
  • Conducting of Media men around the school premises;
  • Reviewing and maintain Media Reports about Lagos State University amongst others.


  • Media and Public Relations activities;
  • Documentation and Research Works on effective management of information; and
  • Anchoring of University’s programmes

The Centre could be described as the “heart beat” of the University without which the University may not be positively and substantially heard or seen.


  1. i.The Centre initiated the production and circulation of the University official bulletin and Newstrack respectively for effective communication;
  2. ii.Initiated the production of the Special Convocation Magazine for the first time in the history of the University, starting with the 17th Convocation Ceremony. It’s now a culture of the University;
  3. iii.The Centre proposed and successful initiated the celebrations of significant numbers of days in office for the Chief Executive Officer of the University to be able to be accountable for his actions and particularly for evaluation;
  4. iv.The Centre has relentlessly continued to launder and project the image of the University;
  5. v.It has built a virile and stronger partnership with the media;
  6. vi.Production of Students’ Examination Scripts and many other University Printing jobs;

The Centre has also recorded adequate coverage and reportage of all the University activities in the Media.


Vice Chancellor’s Office

Administration Block I, Rooms 14-17

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.