Q&A on Coronavirus


Covid-19 is a communicable disease due to a new strain of corona virus that has never affected humans. The virus causes respiratory disease. It was first discovered in Wuhan province, China in December 2020 and has spread all over the world.
The infection is spread by being in close contacts with respiratory droplets from infected persons and by touching the face with contaminated hands.
The symptoms include;
❖ Fever
❖ Cough
❖ Difficulty in breathing
❖ Sore throat
❖ In many persons there may be no symptoms
There is no evidence that the use 5G technology is the cause of COVID-19.
Everyone is at risk but the disease is more severe in elderly persons and those with underlying health problems.
❖ Frequent washing of hands with soap under running water
❖ Use of alcohol-based hand sanitizer if water and soap are not available
❖ Avoid shaking hands and hugging people.
❖ Avoid large gatherings and stay at home
❖ Social distancing, keeping 2 metres (6 feet) from anyone coughing
❖ Cough etiquette, coughing into tissue and discard into a covered waste bin immediately and wash your hands or cough into your bent elbow
❖ Contact health personnel if one shows symptoms
❖ Hotline. 0800CORONA
No. Don’t engage in self-medication to avoid untoward side effects
❖ Stay at home
❖ Work from home where possible
❖ Exercise within your home/house
❖ Spend time with your family
❖ Eat nutritious foods
❖ Adequate rest and sleep
❖ Listen to music
❖ Read books
❖ Engage in spiritual activities