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LASU Bulletin

VC's Desk


It was the Day 5 of the on-going Ready Set Work 2.0 and the guest speaker at the Pep Talk was the Vice Chancellor, Lagos State University, Professor Olanrewaju Fagbohun who spoke on “Is  Your Glass Half Empty or Half Full”? At the end of the talk at the University Auditorium, Main Campus Ojo, on Saturday, 5th July, 2017, Professor Fagbohun urged the participants to be optimistic and give their best shot to life.

Speaking further to the capacity filled audience, he said challenges should not be enough excuses for not getting the best in life. He cited the use of Helen Keller, who overcame medical challenges to become a renowned world author. “Despite her crisis troubled life, Helen Keller was committed to making the best of her life. She surmounted life adversities. Make a difference that is what is expected of you”, he stated.

The Vice Chancellor pointed out that every human being has a unique ability endowed in him or her. “We all have our strength and weaknesses. Leverage on your strength to move on, that, your cup is half full. If you are waiting for godfather, godmother to make it in life, then, your cup is half empty”.

The Vice Chancellor wrapped up the session with what he called “My Story”, of how he emerged the Vice Chancellor of LASU amongst other top notch candidates. He said he never wanted to apply for the plum job, believing the job was already taken, but, others were just to make up the number. He added that there is no harm in trying, noting that one would lose nothing in giving a shot. “In applying for the job, I googled names of successful Vice Chancellors and engaged them in chat through communication technology. I did my background checks before going for the interview. And today, the rest is history”, he ended.

Meanwhile, the Special Adviser on Education, Mr. Obafela Bank-Olemoh has told the participants that the Ready Set Work is a platform for the final year students of the Institutions taking part to learn “In life, not everybody will succeed, even with N50million. Ready Set Work is a platform for you to learn and change your perception about life. Life gives people that platform. What drives you, what is inside you determine how your life goes. Ready Set Work is a platform, take that platform serious”.