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Postgraduate School


LASU Bulletin

VC's Desk


The longitudinal development of postgraduate training delivery in Lagos State University is traceable to the synergy of formative academic and administrative efforts that culminated in the establishment of the Postgraduate School in January 1992.

These early efforts had comprised the following dimensions: the submission of a proposal for the establishment of a Postgraduate School by a special-purpose committee led by Professor Ade Fagbamiye; the processing of that committee's proposal, with specific recommendations by the Academic Planning Committee to Senate of the University; the composition of the original Board of Studies of the Postgraduate School, led by the late Professor Olu Avoseh as Foundation Chairman; and, the logical programming and eventual kick-off of postgraduate training delivery at the University in 1992.

It is noteworthy that the Edict of Lagos State of Nigeria (dated 3 December, 1995), which enabled the establishment, incorporation, constitution and functions of the Lagos State University, had specifically also provided for the instrumentation of social learning and training delivery at the postgraduate level. More specifically, additional need was reinforced in the Edict for the mounting of postgraduate courses in law, arts, the social and management sciences, science, engineering, technology, environmental design, and medicine. Logically, therefore, the existing constellation of study programmes in the Postgraduate School has traversed the totality of academic and professional Faculties, College, School and Centres, in which the various postgraduate degree and diploma programmes are structurally domiciled. These comprise the Faculties of Arts, Education, Engineering, Law, Management Sciences, Science, Social Sciences, the College of Medicine, School of Communication, School of Transport, Centre for Environmental and Science Education, and the Centre for Planning Studies.

In recent times, a multitude of variables and imperatives have longitudinally emerged, and continue to influence the direction and current methodology of postgraduate educational delivery in Nigeria in general, and in Lagos State University in particular. One of the latter-day major variables and critical drivers had been the increasing role of official regulation and centralized regulatory authorities in favour of the harmonization and standardization of practices within the wider educational industry as well as the existing operating systems of postgraduate schools in Nigeria. In this regard, the National Universities Commission (NUC) - the primary regulator of all educational programmes that are operated by the Universities in Nigeria – has lately also introduced new quality assurance paradigms and metrics, in the form of Benchmark Minimum Academic Standards (BMAS) that were recently also further extended to postgraduate programmes. Consequently, LASU Postgraduate School has faithfully complied with the guidelines and imperatives of the current NUC-BMAS as being generally and newly applicable to postgraduate programmes in the Nigerian educational system. And, it is hereby confirmed that this Postgraduate School is primed for the attainment of scholarly greatness and distinction within the global educational industry.

Scripted by Professor Olusegun Matanmi, FSHCM

Dean, Postgraduate School (2012 – 2016)

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