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Development/gender And Women Studies






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Topic: Women / Gender Studies


My primary  research interest is on Sociology of Development/ Women Studies and Gender and Development  .



# Certificate SchoolYear
1. Ph.D (Sociology) University of Ibadan, Oyo state 2014

Current Research

Gender, Indigenous Knowledge, Agricultural Practices and Food -Security in South –Western Nigeria: Opportunities and Challenge

Research Details

The use of indigenous knowledge has been seen by many as an alternative way of promoting development in poor rural communities in many parts of the world. It was found to be an important catalyst to sustainable development due to their direct connection to resource management and conservation. Indigenous knowledge is vital to maintain indigenous agriculture and indigenous agriculture in providing household level Food security at local level. Are indigenous agricultural practices adequate to provide sustainable food security with technological advancement and globalization?  This paper examines the role of indigenous knowledge on agricultural practices and food security among farmers in South Western Nigeria and investigated the negative effects of globalization, free trade and super modern technological interventions on indigenous agricultural knowledge practices among the poor farmers in South –Western Nigeria. Further examination includes exploring the characteristics of indigenous knowledge as related to sustainable agricultural systems. The paper then explores the threats, opportunities and challenges of indigenous agricultural knowledge practices on food security. The paper utilized qualitative methods of data collection. 40 In-depth –interviews were held among women and men farmers in South- Western Nigeria. Three case studies were along conducted. The data collected were analysed using content analysis and ethnographic summaries.
 The paper found out that the role of Indigenous agricultural knowledge on household food security  is significant but these are severely threatened by market oriented external technological interventions and globalization. Some urgent actions need to be taken at national and local level to conserve and utilize indigenous knowledge and secure food availability at household and national level .


YUSUFF OLABISI is a Professor at the Department of Sociology

YUSUFF has a Ph.D in Sociology from University of Ibadan, Oyo state

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