Meet THANNY NOEEM TAIWO, an Academic Staff of Lagos State University.


Strategic Communication/social And Behaviour Change Communication, Pr And Advertising


Senior Lecturer


Public Relations and Advertising


At the Public Relations And Advertising department office

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Research Interest

Topic: Applied Communication; Communication Campaign Planning And Execution; PR, Advertising And New Media; Health, Social And Behaviour Change Communication

Description: My training at the Department of Communication and Language Arts, University of Ibadan, a UNESCO Centre of Reference has afforded me the skills of combining the social scientific and the humanistic approaches to the study of communication. Therefore my research interest covers areas that help explain and proffer communication solution to everyday human problem. Applied communication, Communication campaign planning, family communication, health, social and behaviour change communication as well as ethical issues in communication are all areas that I have focused my research since I became a Faculty member in the School of Communication. I have also tried not just to bring out the numbers and figures associated with communication issues through quantitative studies, but also to bring out lived experiences of people the real voices behind the figures through qualitative inquests.


# Certificate SchoolYear
1. Ph.D (Applied Communication) University of Ibadan 2022

Current Research

A Comparative Analysis of Knowledge, Sources of Information and Hand Hygiene Practice among Students in Public and Private Secondary Schools in Lagos State, Nigeria

Research Details

Early childhood and teenage years of a human life represent the most opportune time to inculcate the most enduring life skills. Hand washing skills are some of the most important and healthful life skills humans learn. For most individuals of this age, school represents the dominant social system due to the fact that a huge fraction of their time is spent in school. This study, therefore, investigated how handwashing facilities available in schools and knowledge of these facilities influence actual practices of hand hygiene HH among secondary school students in Lagos State, Nigeria. Researchers were interested in drawing responses that would lead to providing answers to four key objectives of the study: availability of WASH facilities in schools, knowledge of participants, participants sources of information, and actual practices of handwashing. 10 participants each were drawn from one government and one privately owned secondary school in Lagos State cutting across junior and senior classes for the FGD sessions. The Protection motivation theory was adopted to understand the role of exposure to the message as well as knowledge in imbibing this healthful practice. Findings show that most students generally feel that the inadequacy of facilities makes it almost impossible for them to practice hand hygiene. They however admitted that the limited facilities provided are damaged or put to disuse by pupils. In spite of the fact, most of the respondents demonstrated a good knowledge of hand hygiene; they admitted that they do not practice it properly


THANNY NOEEM is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Public Relations and Advertising

THANNY has a Ph.D in Applied Communication from University of Ibadan

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