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Topic: Political Communication

Description: Political communication field is a synergy of media and politics. The mass media engage daily in political communication and that is why it has been argued by scholars that the political system in a country determines the press system. The audience of political communication is heterogeneous among which include actors in the political process that depend on mass political communication. The mass media are integral part of political reporting, serving as the link between the government and the people by providing useful information required to make political judgement. At individual level, political communication implies increased skill and greater freedom leading to man s total well being. Political communication involves focusing on mass media which reveal government institution weakness as well as groups in the society. Political communication is the basis for national development which involves modernization of the communities as well as social-cultural, political economic and environmental transformation. The economic growth and socio- political stability of any society are predicted upon policies and programmes put in place by the political class. Therefore, there is a symbiotic relationship between the media and the political groups. While the political groups need media to help them disseminate information about their activities, the media also need politicians to create an enabling environment which promotes media freedom to have unhindered access to information. Political communication also dwell on media reports of the comments, views and opinion of the masses about the policies and programmes of government and its various agencies.


# Certificate SchoolYear
1. Ph.D (Communication Studies) Lagos State University 2020

Current Research

Evaluation of Advertising Media Employed in the Lagos @ 50 Celebration Campaign

Research Details

The study chronicled the activities in Lagos from inception and mainly assessed the advertising tools employed during the Lagos at 50 campaigns. It examined how the advertising tools were employed during Lagos at 50 campaigns; and also evaluated the outcome of the advertising tools adopted during Lagos at 50 campaigns. Qualitative analysis was used as the research design with in-depth interview and secondary materials as the method of study. The interviewees were made up of respondents who participated in the planning and execution of the events. Recorded and published materials by the various ministries in the Lagos State Government secretariat, Alausa were also utilized. The findings revealed that the advertising tools employed during the celebration of Lagos @ 50 were mainly above-the-line and below-the-line advertising tools. The study also revealed the fact that advertising media are germane to historical knowledge and promoting relics of antiquities. The study therefore concluded that advertising serves as a reawaken tool because it brought into light the knowledge of past icons, governors, and military administrators who have served Lagos and contributed meaningfully to its present growth. Based on the findings, the study recommended that corporate organizations, State governments, and public firms should continue to employ advertising media for the promotion of their products, services as well as anniversaries as the role it plays cannot be over emphasized. The study contributes to the relevance of advertising media to public historical events.


SULEIMAN HASSAN is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Journalism

SULEIMAN has a Ph.D in Communication Studies from Lagos State University

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