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Neuropathology, Cancer Epidemiology And Forensic Pathology




Pathology and Forensic Medicine


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Topic: Genetic Mutations And Hormonal Expressions Of Posterior Fossa Meningioma

Description: Total surgical resection of meningiomas of the posterior fossa usually presents with difficulty. This is partly due to the nearness of vital neurovascular organs and also the intricate structure of the skull bone around that area. Therefore incomplete resection and subsequent recurrence of the tumour are frequent. The first part of this project is to map out genetic mutations in posterior fossa meningioma, identify the most common one and look out for the hormonal expressions of these tumours.The second part is intended to develop a screening test for this tumour. This would be the use of a combination of genetic mutations and hormones expressed by this tumour. The outcome can then subsequently be utilized as an early detection method for this tumour. Early detection plays a significant role in the prognosis or outcome of any tumour. Early detection reduces greatly the morbidity and mortality of any tumour.


# Certificate SchoolYear
1. FMCPath (HISTOPATHOLOGY) Faculty of Pathology of the National Postgraduate Medical College of Nigeria. 2010


PROF. SOYEMI SUNDAY is a Professor at the Department of Pathology and Forensic Medicine

PROF. SOYEMI has a FMCPath in HISTOPATHOLOGY from Faculty of Pathology of the National Postgraduate Medical College of Nigeria.

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