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Educational Management


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# Certificate SchoolYear
1. Ph.D (Educational Administration) Educational Management, Lagos State University 2019

Current Research

Managing Academic Culture in Nigerian Public Universities: Save the Bridge from Collapsing

Research Details

This paper explored managing academic culture in Nigerian public universities. University is the ivory tower of educational system established with specific norms, custom and tradition for attainment of academic excellence. Culture is a way of life that involve orientation, norms, custom, convention, tradition, language, mode of dressing of people in their environment. Managing university culture is synonymous with planning, organising, controlling, maintaining and monitoring academic custom, values and tradition established by university management toward achieving vision and mission of the organisation. Culture is the bridge that hold university system. Academic culture consists of academic ethics, norms, values and discipline required for attainment of academic excellence in teaching, research and community service. Therefore, he who call for academic excellence, call for academic culture. The academic staff play a pivotal role in achieving the goals of a university. Today, cultural value of public universities in Nigeria is dwindling and seems to collapsed the bridge system of university due to some moral delinquency like bullying, sexual harassment, examination malpractice, indecent dressing and indiscipline orchestrated by lecturers and students in the university campus. Therefore, the study concluded that management of academic culture help to sustain the quality of teaching, research and community service in public university. More so, it is recommended amongst others that university management should periodically organised seminars, orientation, conferences and training programmed on academic culture for all lecturers’ in Nigerian public universities.


SHITTU TAOFEEK is a Lecturer II at the Department of Educational Management

SHITTU has a Ph.D in Educational Administration from Educational Management, Lagos State University

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