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Political Science


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Topic: Political Economy

Description: Political economy defines the interface of politics and economy within the context of class relations. The primacy of material conditions is a defining analytic framework of the political economy approach. The social relations and the struggles accompanying socio-economic and political issues are interrogated through this methodology. The political economy orientation applies to the domestic and international politics; this approach underpins the importance of the economic sub-structure to explain objective social realities.


# Certificate SchoolYear
1. Ph.D (Political Science) Political Science 2008

Current Research

The state, market reforms and social inequality in Nigeria

Research Details

The Nigerian economic crisis persists amid the dominance of neo-liberal paradigm in the management of the economy. The adoption of neo-liberal or market reforms led to shift from state capitalism to market based economy. This shift induced social pressures on workers, urban poor , peasants. The pressures reflect in the forms of protest, agitations and withdrawal from state institutions by the affected social categories. This work interrogates the implications of neolibral ideology for social inequality Nigeria. The increasing social inequality engendered state responses that are examined in the paper. The tentative findings suggest that the state interventions mentioned are inadequate to reduce social inequality. The state intervention programmes require rethinking to capture wider spectrum of weak and vulnerable socio-economic groups. The social inequality question has heightened pressure on state officials and challenge the legitimacy of the state to attracts allegiance of the victims of neolibral reforms.


SETEOLU BAMIDELE is a Associate Professor / Reader at the Department of Political Science

SETEOLU has a Ph.D in Political Science from Political Science

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