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My research interest is on Qur'anic and Islamic theological studies. Thus, most of my publications are on Qur'anic and Islamic theological solutions to ever-increasing socio-political conflicts and insecurity militating against the unity and peaceful co-existence of humanity around the world.

It is an indubitable fact that there is a proliferation of war and conflict throughout the world. In the North and South Korea, Sudan, Syria, Nigeria, Cameroon, etc, there is one conflict or the other militating against the peaceful co-existence of their people. The fundamental issues in dispute include but not limited to struggle among the ethnic peoples or religious ideologies for land or resources, social and economic power, and/or freedom and self-government. Some of these wars and conflicts have a long-standing basis and are therefore very complicated.  Thus, my research interest is to present practicalised Islamic mechanism for conflict management through the application of Qur'anic and Islamic theological studies.


# Certificate SchoolYear
1. Ph.D (Islamic Studies) Religions and Peace Studies, Lagos State University, Ojo 2017

Current Research

An Analysis of the Similarities and Dissimilarities Between the two Names - Iblis (Shaytan) and Esu: The Islamic Response

Research Details

The general belief among the majority of the people, Yorubas inclusive, is that Esu is Shaytan of the Islamic as well as the Satan of Christian Religions because of some similar attributes of the two personalities. There is no gainsaying the fact that there is an infinitesimal difference in the historical narrations of the two personalities in the Qur'an, Holy Bible, or among the Africa Traditional Religion Practitioners. This study, however, submits, through analytical, descriptive and comparative methods of research that the two personalities called Shaytan and Esu are the same because a close look at the attributes of Iblis (Shaytan) as given by Shaykh Luqman Jimoh in his book 'Demonic Possession: An Islamic Antidote' and the attributes of Esu as given by E. Bolaji Idowu in his book 'Olodumare: God in Yoruba Belief' is ninety percent similar. In other words, the similarities between the two personalities are more than dissimilarities. Therefore, the paper concludes that Esu is Shaytan of Islam as well as Satan of Christianity.


SANNI MUKAILA is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Religions

SANNI has a Ph.D in Islamic Studies from Religions and Peace Studies, Lagos State University, Ojo

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