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Sociology Of Work, Social Protection, & Occupational Health And Safety


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Topic: Sociology Of Work, Social Protection And Occupational Health And Safety


My research interest has been focused majorly on work and the social protections of the vulnerable workers: the informal economy operators (IEOs) and the small and medium enterprises (SMEs), especially on their occupational health and safety (OHS). In the course of my research in this area, I have identified the legal, environment (social and technological), economic and political factors working against the OHS of the IEOs and the SMEs despite their huge contributions to the economy of the nation.  I have been emphasising on the need for the State and other stakeholders to provide succor for these category of workers, through the improvement of their working environment, adequate provisions of social amenities, regular education on OHS, economic policies that will increase their productivity and generate more employment.  These I have argued, could be done through collaborative efforts of the State, Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), interested stakeholders, and the leaders and members of the various associations and unions in the IEOs and SMEs.   


# Certificate SchoolYear
1. D. Phil. (Sociology (Sociology of Work)) University of South Africa, Pretoria 2017

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Africa is endowed with outstanding philosophy of life and philosophical thoughts which are embedded in various African languages and cultures. The Yoruba philosophical thoughts like most African languages, are rich and very powerful. They emanate from human experiences that run through ages. They exhibit the precept by precept, attitudinal and reactionary manifestations of the real human actions devoid of pretenses and make-believes.  They are seen in proverbs, wise sayings, analogies and in most cases, from verbal, symbols, reactions and silence. These philosophical thoughts manifest in all spheres of life all over  the world; in politics, economy, social life, businesses, education, developmental programmes to mention but a few. The aim of this paper is to interrogate the philosophical thoughts and features of a Yoruba saying “A ni k’eni ma ni, to n fun ni l’oko idi ope ro”, (which literarily means “the haves that denies others by giving them unfertile land to cultivate) in human and organizational interactions.



To interrogate our indigenous philosophical thoughts with the aim of identifying them vis-à-vis human interaction in modern world.

To decolonize our mind that theoretical and philosophical thoughts can only emanate from the West.

To encourage objective inputs through value adding to the thought.

To encourage scholars to critically interrogate this thought and improve on it.


SAMUEL OLURANTI is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Sociology

SAMUEL has a D. Phil. in Sociology (Sociology of Work) from University of South Africa, Pretoria

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