Meet SALMON HAKEEM , an Academic Staff of Lagos State University.


Literary Critisism, Classical Arabic Literature & Post-modern Literature.


Senior Lecturer


Foreign Languages


At the Foreign Languages department office

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# Certificate SchoolYear
1. Ph.D (Arabic Literary Criticism) Lagos State University , Ojo 2007

Current Research

Al-Tawasul al-Simiyai fi al-Turath al-Thaqafi al-Ifriqi : Dinamiyah Aruku fi Taqalid al-Tawasul lada Sha b Yuruba Namudhaja.

Research Details

This topic, I subject of stimulating discourse amongst experts of Anthropology and symbolic communication, entails taking concrete and tangible things common in the environment exploit it as symbols in communicating ones agitation or desire to individuals or communities. It is used in virtually all circumstance whether peace or war. This phenomenon is known to all communities in Nigeria, nay Africa, but we are restricting our discussion here to the Yoruba nation of the southwest of Nigeria. The introduction sheds light on the literary connotation of Aroko, requirements, forms, patterns and manifestations. This is followed by the various positions of experts on the componential morphemes of Aroko, an issue that polarised connoissurs into four distinct schools. The argument of each school are clearly brought into focus and well analysed. The various types of association are dissected with clinical anatomy. These include phono-aesthetic association, functional association, natural association, contiguous association and proverbial association.


SALMON HAKEEM is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Foreign Languages

SALMON has a Ph.D in Arabic Literary Criticism from Lagos State University , Ojo

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