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Paediatric Neurology


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Pediatrics and Child Health


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Topic: Electroencephalographic Patterns In Nigerian Children With Epilepsy


Epilepsy is the commonest neurological condition in children. Electroencephalography is also the commonest, easiest , cheapest and least invasive procedure done in evaluating this condition. However, the paucity of the electroencephalography machine, and more so of competent technical staff to run, and also interprete the results of this machine, have proven to be a great impediment to a full use for its great benefit to care.

Sadly therefore, a comprehensive determination of the profile of electroencephalographic findings in children with epilepsy and other brain conditions is poor in the nigerian childhood population. This requires a purposeful, longitudinal capture and assessment of the findings from the conduct of electroencephalography in nigerian children


# Certificate SchoolYear
1. CERT in Introductory Clinical Psychology (Clinical Psychology) University of Queensland Australia 2019

Current Research

Transition to Adult-centred Sickle Cell Care in Nigeria; a multi-centre study.

Research Details

This is a study of transition practices in sickle cell disease as a model of chronic illness seen in childhood. Nigeria has the greatest sickle cell burden, and with improvements such as immunisation, penicillin V, malaria prophylaxis as part of comprehensive health care, affected children no longer die in early childhood. Poor transition practices interrupt continuity of care and is known to cause mortality in adolescents with chronic diseases. The need for effective transition from paediatric to adult-centered care has risen in importance. The study methodology is focus group discussions with affected adolescents in paediatric and adult hematology clinics, and parents of affected children, to obtain end-user views of current transition practices and suggestions for better service delivery. The study will assess their readiness for transition and independence in self care. There are three centres in each geopolitical zone and which offer dedicated sickle cell care. Data from these centres will be collated and analysed. DIscussion sessions are taped and later transcribed for analysis.


SALISU MUHAMMAD is a Lecturer I at the Department of Pediatrics and Child Health

SALISU has a CERT in Introductory Clinical Psychology in Clinical Psychology from University of Queensland Australia

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