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Computer Science


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Research Interest

Topic: Information Systems

Description: My principal research interest addresses the transformative potential of Information and Communication Technologies in Society and Organizations. I am also involved in researching into the study of Information Technology education, especially the teaching and learning of IT subject matter, as well as Instructional Technology (the use of IT for education).


# Certificate SchoolYear
1. Ph.D (Computer Science) Computer Science, University of Lagos, Akoka, Lagos 2010

Current Research

Poultry Farms Management Information Systems (PFMIS)

Research Details

In Nigeria economy, agriculture continues to enjoy as being refer to as one of the most important sectors especially in the areas of provision of foods and employments for her teaming populace. The advent of the information and communication technology that has come to revolutionize the world also affects the agriculture sector. Of all the subsectors of this industry, the poultry farming is as old has history of the country. Thus, it is evident that there is great potential for the commercialization of the poultry industry in Nigeria. There is need to produce and make available to poultry producers an individual’s technologies which will be used to make decision efficiently in a timely manner.In this research, the Poultry Farm Management Information Systems (PFMIS) application is being designed to harnesses the technology potential in providing intelligent decisions about input sources, treatments and information management systems for poultry farming. Information such as varieties of poultry, accommodation, feeding as well as medication are readily available for the system’s users to assist in taking strategic decisions for best upkeep of the poultry. Both desktop and mobile applications were being developed to be used by farmers and other employees or even individuals in this subsector of the agriculture industry. The software shall equip all managers and individuals interested in poultry farming with quality information on day to day basis as well as accelerated decision performances.


RAHMAN MUKAILA is a Professor at the Department of Computer Science

RAHMAN has a Ph.D in Computer Science from Computer Science, University of Lagos, Akoka, Lagos

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