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Radiation And Clinical Oncologist






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Research Interest

Topic: Impact Of Radiotherapy On Survival Of Breast Cancer Patients.

Description: It was observed that the five year survival rate in Lagos Nigeria is relatively poor compared to most countries in the world. The poor survival rate is attributed to factors such as late presentation, the effectiveness of Radiotherapy in survival of breast cancer and poor follow up .


# Certificate SchoolYear
1. FWACS (Radiotherapy and Clinical Oncology) Lagos University Teaching Hospital, Idi Araba, Lagos 2004

Current Research

Assessing the REsponse rate of weekly neoadjuvanT pacliTAxel Taxol in Nigerian women with breast cancer ARETTA .

Research Details

Objective: To evaluate the anti-tumor activity response rate of weekly paclitaxel chemotherapy in Nigerian women with breast cancer. The primary endpoints are clinical overall, partial, complete clinical response rate and complete pathologic response To evaluate the safety profile of weekly paclitaxel administered to breast cancer patients according to the common toxicity criteria. The quality of life of the patients will also be assessed during and after treatment To identify tumor subtype and molecular predictors of response to Herceptin. Study design: Eligible breast cancer patients will receive a minimum of 8 cycles of weekly paclitaxel in addition to usual standard of care with respect to hormone receptors estrogen and progesterone and HER-2 receptor statuses. Breast ultrasound will be done to assess response. Patients with good response will receive further 8 cycles of paclitaxel alone or in combination with Herceptin before surgery. Operable patients with stable disease or modest response will receive paclitaxel carboplatin for additional eight weeks before surgery.Inclusion criteriaStages IIA-IIIC. Females 18-70 years.Exclusion criteriaLife expectancy ?3 months, Metastasis, pregnancyEfficacy assessmentsPathCR, Safety assessmentsECHO, vital signs, CBC, LFT, E&U CR This capacity building study will develop simple tools to assess tolerability and toxicity associated with administration of protocol driven and biomarker assigned breast cancer treatment regimens in a low resource setting. There is need to develop an infrastructure for protocol driven care within the Nigeria population so that clinicians can identify those who will derive the most benefit from highly effective therapies that are relatively less expensive when used in molecularly defined subsets of patients.


POPOOLA ABIODUN is a Professor at the Department of Radiology

POPOOLA has a FWACS in Radiotherapy and Clinical Oncology from Lagos University Teaching Hospital, Idi Araba, Lagos

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