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Majority of the publications cited in this assessment form are basically written to demonstrate the importance of Islamic ethics to Muslims in particular and humanity generally; while other works show the relevance and value of Islam, as a divine religion with positive, relevant and natural solutions to the ever increasing problems of man and his environment.

 Majority of my researches show that ethics is so all pervasive that, one can adduce that any society without solid ethical orientations shall disintegrate into moral decadence with all its consequent vicious effects on the political, social, moral, intellectual and religious life.

 Almost all the works are on the fact that, the world had progressed in many important and noticeable directions. Nevertheless, we are today, witnessing the sorry spectacle of developed and developing nations indulging on a large scale in the moral vices which the conscience of humanity has always condemned with one voice. However, the Nigerian ethical problems among the leaders and the led formed the core areas of my researches with objective suggestions and recommendations for readers at all times and places.


# Certificate SchoolYear
1. Ph.D (Islamic Studies) Department of Religons, Lagos State University, Ojo 2012

Current Research

Role of Islamic Studies Teachers in Combating Radicalisation among Muslim Youth in Apapa-Iganmu, Lagos-Nigeria

Research Details

 This paper contends that Islamic Studies teachers, like other stakeholders in Nigeria, have major roles to play in the government’s fight against violent radicalism. In the process, the study examined key areas wherein Islamic Studies teachers are capable of playing vital roles in proffering workable solutions to the problem of violent radicalisation, hooliganism and civil disorder in the society. The data for this study were collected in Apapa-Iganmu Local Council Development Area (LCDA) of Lagos State, with a view to appraising how Islamic Studies teachers could corroborate the efforts of governments and parents, by eradicating violent radicalism in the society. The study adopts the qualitative research method. Primary and secondary sources formed the fulcrum of materials used. Selected stakeholders were personally interviewed. Also, participatory observations were conducted in some areas of the LCDA. The study found out that the Islamic guiding principles are sufficient to discourage Muslims from all forms of socio – moral and politico – economic vices bedeviling the society. The study recommends, among others, that the government should give necessary supports to the Islamic teachers towards their efforts in curbing radicalization, in Apapa-Iganmu LCDA and by extension to the State in general.


PARAMOLE OLAWALE is a Associate Professor / Reader at the Department of Religions

PARAMOLE has a Ph.D in Islamic Studies from Department of Religons, Lagos State University, Ojo

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