Meet OYEKAN ADEOLU OLUWASEYI, an Academic Staff of Lagos State University.



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Research Interest

Topic: Social And Political Philosophy, Ethics


My research in political philosophy focuses on the normative theories that are appropriate for social organization, conflict management and development. The methodology is qualitative, critical and analytic. The research focus contributed to knowledge by finding novel ways of social organization, and benefits the society through its exploration of ideas that conduces for social order.


# Certificate SchoolYear
1. Ph.D (Philosophy) University of Lagos 2017

Current Research

Identities, conflicts and social cohesion in Africa

Research Details

Identities, conflicts and social cohesion in Africa

The research explores the trajectories of identity formation in post colonial Africa, using an interdisciplinary methodology, within the Humanities. It is at once historical, philosophical, descriptive and normative. More specifically, it explores the possibility of reimagining identities in Africa for social cohesion, through the arts. It investigates the place of monuments, artworks, drama, music, poetry etc, in articulating grievance, processing memory and finding closure. It equally explores thw role of the artist as an activist with a social mission within a post colonial milieu characterized by incessant contestations between diverse identities and groups in the process of resisting domination and asserting the self at a collective level. It benefits society by finding new ways towards cohesion in multiethnic, post colonial Africa. The research seeks to establish that whereas Africa's colonial legacies constitute a major impediment on its path to development, a combination of deliberate steps such as fair, representative democracy, judicious distribution and allocation of resources, the deployment of all available resources, the arts inclusive, are all capable of fostering the emergence of new, cohesive identities

In progress


OYEKAN ADEOLU is a Lecturer I at the Department of Philosophy

OYEKAN has a Ph.D in Philosophy from University of Lagos

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