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1. M.Sc (Political Science) Lagos State University 2020

Current Research

Covid-19 pandemic and the realities of poverty in NIgeria: A political economy interpretation

Research Details

The novel coronavirus disease clearly affects poverty level in Nigeria; reducing  standard of living of the people, rapidly increasing unemployment among others. Worthy to note here is that the country was rated as the poverty capital of the world with an estimated 87 millions people living on less than $ 2 a day  threshold.  This article examines pandemic of covid-19 and the realities of poverty in Nigeria within the frame work of political economy. The pandemic that announced itself  in Wuhan, China around December, 2019 started spreading rapidly to other part of the world  and was first recorded in Nigeria on the 27th February, 2020 through an Italian man. While relying on secondary data and descriptive analysis, the paper argues that covid-19 obviously exposed the realities of poverty in Nigeria at the moment. This situation was plainly noted in the areas of decline in the price of global oil price which is the main stay of the economy, weak and underdeveloped digital economy for full running of educational curriculum and unhindered business activities, poor state of public health sector, inadequate data for national welfare programmes etc. Therefore, the study concludes that the exposed realities directly reflect the character of Nigerian state as a colonial state created without a viable production base, but to depend solely  on oil sector for rent collection, exploiting the dominated class of the society as a distanced entity from the state. Thus, the analysis recommends among others, drastic measures to bring about competitive and diversified economy, revamping infrastructural deficit in public health sector including pharmaceutical industry, improving the digital economy and the national welfare programmes.


OYEFOLU SAMSON is a Graduate Assistant at the Department of Political Science

OYEFOLU has a M.Sc in Political Science from Lagos State University

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