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Topic: Drug Metabolism And Personanized Medicine Based On Pharmacogenomic Studies

Description: Malnourished children are special group population with pathophysiological changes that affect all aspect of drug metabolism. Notable changes are decreased quality and quantity of the hepatic metabolizing enzymes leading to decreased hepatic drug clearance. Renal clearance is equally reduced as well as the half-life of most drugs. Therefore, administering the recommended doses of drugs for well-nourished children to those who are malnourished may result in drug toxicity. This research field is understudied, evidenced by the few studies involving pharmacokinetic studies of the drugs frequently used to treat malnourished children. Given the rife of malnutrition globally, this research field requires priority and more attention. My studies have used a non-invasive approach caffeine breath test to evaluate the level of activity of CYP1A2 enzyme in malnourished children. A major finding is that various degrees of malnutrition affects drug metabolism differently and drug doses may need to be adjusted in severely malnourished children. Up till this moment, there are no guidelines for drug dosing for malnourished children. It is to be hoped that data from my studies will be put into consideration when policy makers are formulating drug-dosing guidelines for these children.Another special interest group children that we have studied are those with neuropsychiatric problems treated with antipsychotic drugs, particularly risperidone. We have been able to establish a wide range of adverse events ADEs associated with this drug, ranging from weight gain to rare events such as abnormal thyroid function. Most of the common ADEs we have reported are associated with genetic variation in CYP2D6, the major enzyme that metabolizes risperidone and other antipsychotic drugs. Routine genetic testing of this enzyme before prescribing the drug may be required to personalize this medicine to the individuals that can tolerate it.


# Certificate SchoolYear
1. Ph.D (Medicine and Health/ Pediatric Clinical Pharmacology) University of Nottingham, United Kingdom 2014

Current Research

Providing Teratology Information Services in Nigeria: The viewpoints of Physicians in Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialty

Research Details

Teratology Information Services TIS centre is necessary to provide information on safety and risk of exposures during pregnancy; unfortunately, none exists in Nigeria till date. We conducted an opinion survey of medical professionals in obstetrics and gynaecology in Lagos to evaluate their knowledge of teratogenic risk and to seek their opinions about the need for a teratology information service centre in Nigeria.A convenience sample of the doctors in private and public hospitals in Lagos were surveyed with a self-designed questionnaire. Information was sought on nine categories covering the demography of the participants, and their views on teratogens and teratology information service centre TISC . Of the 174 respondents, 100 57.5% were males. The majority of the respondents 171; 98.3% believed that their trainings and/or exposures in obstetrics and gynaecology have adequately equipped them to provide good teratology counselling to pregnant women. Resources for teratology information mostly utilized by the respondents are internet 142; 81.6% and medical journals 139; 79.9% .All the respondents 174; 100% felt the need for a national teratology information service centre TISC in Nigeria and, if established, would consult the centre regularly 160; 92% .The respondents considered women planning pregnancy 174; 100% , breastfeeding 174; 100% , or already pregnant 174; 100% as those who most need teratology counselling.We concluded thatmedical professionals in the field of obstetrics and gynaecology in Lagos public and private hospitals acknowledged the need for a national TISC in Nigeria and would consult regularly, if established. However, there is a need to improve their use of appropriate information resources on teratology.


OSHIKOYA KAZEEM is a Associate Professor / Reader at the Department of Pharmacology

OSHIKOYA has a Ph.D in Medicine and Health/ Pediatric Clinical Pharmacology from University of Nottingham, United Kingdom

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