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Human Resources Management, Public Policy Analysis, And Development Administration


Lecturer II


Public Administration


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Topic: Representative Bureaucracy And Human Resource Management In Nigeria.


Representative bureaucracy is a public policy. It is a political direction or declaration of the government on the composition of the public organization's workforce.  Human resource management from recruitment and promotion to compensation in the public is determined by public policy (representative bureaucracy). The objective of the study was therefore to examine the nature of the public policy and how it affects human resource management visa-a-vis service delivery in Nigeria. Descriptive survey design method was applied in carrying out the research. Data was collected from the selected population of government security forces in Nigeria.  PPMCC was used to analysed the data collected with the aid of SPSS.

The result of the study will form a policy guide for the government in taking decisions concerning human resource management in the public sector organizations


# Certificate SchoolYear
1. Ph.D (Public Administration (Human Resource Management)) Public Administration, Lagos State University, Ojo, Lagos State 2021

Current Research

State of Origin Policy and Security Service Delivery In Nigeria Police Force

Research Details

The policy of the state of origin is an acceptable policy that determines the composition of the federal government organizations as enshrined in the 1999 constitution of FRN.  However, the nature of its application has been queried by many Nigerians as the process has brought inefficiencies in the operations of national activities. This study, therefore,  seeks to interrogate the pros and cons of the policy in the Nigeria Public service with reference to the Nigeria Police Force to identify the shortfall of the policy, and profound solution(s). The study will adopt a descriptive survey method, with a mixed approach to collect data from the Nigeria Police Force. The data collected will be analysed using PPMCC.  The result of the research is expected to reveal the relationship between the policy of origin and security service delivery in the NPF; whether there is any negative effect in the application of the policy of state origin in the operations of the NPF. The report of the study is also expected to suggest solutions for effective security service delivery in the NPF. The result will be useful for decision making by human resource management experts, security management practitioners and policymakers.


OSAWE Cyril is a Lecturer II at the Department of Public Administration

OSAWE has a Ph.D in Public Administration (Human Resource Management) from Public Administration, Lagos State University, Ojo, Lagos State

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