Meet ONIYIDE DAUD ABDUL-AZEEZ, an Academic Staff of Lagos State University.


Literary And Texcual Study Of Quran (quranology)


Senior Lecturer


Foreign Languages


At the Foreign Languages department office

Visiting Hour

Appointment on Visitation important

Research Interest

Topic: Literary And Texual Study Of The Quran


My research focuses on literature, anthropology, literary and textual study of the Quran. Special interest rests on the works of modern Western Quranic scholars (Revisionists Movement), who applying modern literary theories that prevail in the field of humanities, such as Biblical, historical, textual, deconstruction, radicalism criticism, which have been used to the study of other sacred books with the aim of investigating and reviewing the critical issues relating to Islam in general and Qur’an in particular. Our works have been on assessing the works of some Classical and Modern Orientalists   like Theodore Noldeke, John Wansbrough,  Christoph Luxenberg, Patricia Crone , Gerd-R. Puin , Michael Cook and others, which  based on the historical context, literary and linguist aspect of Quran.



# Certificate SchoolYear
1. Ph.D (Arabic Language and Literature) Lagos State University 2018


ONIYIDE DAUD is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Foreign Languages

ONIYIDE has a Ph.D in Arabic Language and Literature from Lagos State University

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