Meet ONIBON NOSIRU OLAJIDE, an Academic Staff of Lagos State University.


Applied Linguistics


Associate Professor / Reader


Foreign Languages


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Description: The orientation of my research is geared toward Arabic Linguistic study with special emphasis on Applied and Sociolinguistics. My research work has opened a new vista in the area of research in Arabic linguistic study. It has brought about a total departure from traditional topics and research analysis which almost always focus on study of personalities and issues that relate to religious and literary texts. I research into what is now called ECONOLINGUISTICS; the role of language in economic activities and the effect, on Arabic language, of the contact between the Arabs and the West on the socio-political and economic terrains where the new Economic terminologies that appear through such contact express new concepts and name new items, which naturally require coinage of Arabic alternative forms to substitute the foreign terminologies. My research work has chosen to study those economic terms in use and the meanings they convey in context, and afterward reveal that the coined modern terminologies reflect aspects of the development of Arabic and demonstrate its capability to absorb emerging modern developments in different areas of human endeavor. My incursion into language pedagogy - teaching and learning - is however necessitated by the urge to develop the best instructional methodology and materials for effective teaching and learning of second language in a non-Native speakers’ setting. A situation that has made me participated in different trainings and conferences within and outside Nigeria.


# Certificate SchoolYear
1. Post-Graduate Diploma (Education) Lagos State University, Ojo 2012


ONIBON NOSIRU is a Associate Professor / Reader at the Department of Foreign Languages

ONIBON has a Post-Graduate Diploma in Education from Lagos State University, Ojo

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