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Differential Equation


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Topic: Solutions Of Differential Equations

Description: Differential equation is an equation that involves independent variable(s), dependent variable(s) and the derivatives of the dependent variables with respect to the independent variable(s). I plan to used some mathematical models derived for differential equations to solve and address biological and societal problems.


# Certificate SchoolYear
1. M.Sc (Mathematics) University of Lagos 2016

Current Research

Stability and Boundedness Analysis of Lotka-Volterra Prey-Predator Model with Prey Refuge and Predator Cannibalism

Research Details

This dynamic relationship between predator and prey is one of the most crucial relationship that has existed between two populations in ecological systems because of its universal existence and significance. Prey refuge plays a substantial role on the coexistence of the prey-predator relationship. Some reported results have shown that prey refuge can enhance the dynamical behavior of prey-predator systems. Consequently, this could bring about cannibalism amongst the predators. However, the existence of both refuge amongst the preys and cannibalism amongst the predators serve as a stabilizing mechanism on the prey-predator systems if certain conditions on the parameters characterizing the predator-prey system will exist.

Therefore, in the research a prey-predator system incorporating prey-refuge and predator cannibalism is studied. The stability and ultimate boundedness of the analyzed state parameters defining the system are obtained using the Lyapunov's direct method.

We employed Cartwright approach to construct a suitable complete Lyapunov function for the nonlinear system and demonstrate its efficacy

The method is built upon applying various theoretical Lyapunov functions. By constructing a Lyapunov function which possesses a functional relationship to the original model system we give sufficient conditions which ensure the stability and ultimate boundedness of the state parameters defining the nonlinear prey-predator system.


ONI OLUWABUSAYO is a Assistant Lecturer at the Department of Mathematics

ONI has a M.Sc in Mathematics from University of Lagos

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