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Cost And Management Accounting


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Description: My research work has always centered on Accounting. I have conducted a number of researches on conventional and Non-conventional Budgetary Implementation, Conventional and Non-Conventional Variance Analysis to determine the causes of variances and to recommend to the organizations under-consideration the techniques/ criteria for instituting investigation to unveil the effects of variances.


# Certificate SchoolYear
1. Ph.D (Cost and Management Accounting) Commerce and Business Administration, Saurashtra University, India 2009

Current Research

Lagos State MEGA Rail-Road Project: A myopic tendency of the Investor. ( A Study of Lagos State Metro-Rail Road)

Research Details

Synopsis: Riskiness of an investment can be judged from the variability of its possible returns. Capital expenditure budget represents the expenditure on fixed assets. it relates to investments involving huge Capital Outlay and long-term commitment. Large risks and uncertainties are associated with investment decisions. Decision are made in the basis  forecasts upon future events whose occurrence cannot be.   anticipated with absolute  certainty due to economic, Social, Fiscal, Political, and other reason. While evaluating capital investment an investor should take into consideration the effect that the acceptance will have on the investor's business risk as envisioned by itself and creditors. In a practical situation, it is necessary to incorporate “risk” and “uncertainty” in decision making. Risk is applied to a situation where there are several possible outcomes and there is relatively past data to enable a statistical evidence to be produced for predicting the possible outcome. Whereas, “Uncertainty” exist  where there are several possible outcomes, but there is little or no previous statistical evidence  to predict the outcome. Capital budgeting  under “certainty” can be examined with various techniques for evaluation of investment proposals. The basic  assumption is that these proposals do not involve “risk” in selection of investments. There is no perceived  business-risk by the investor. This “seldom” happen in real-world-situation. The preparation of capital expenditure budget serves  the investor the tendency of fulfilling the following purposes: evaluate capital  expenditure proposals, establish priorities so that projects having most to offer are given first consideration, plan for future financing and control  proposals. “Uncertainty is the bridging gap (myopic tendency  of the investor).


OMAH Ishmael is a Associate Professor / Reader at the Department of Accounting

OMAH has a Ph.D in Cost and Management Accounting from Commerce and Business Administration, Saurashtra University, India

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