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Description: People from around the world have contributed their own quota to strategic thought. This is due to the fact that war is a cultural universal and it had been fought and thought about by all societies. Aside from the wars of the ancient, post-colonial Africa is a conflict ridden continent with African states ever engaging in one war or the other. The study examines African ancient wars the experiences of which birthed African proverbs and folklore and from which the study will generate possible solutions to raging African conflicts. Through in-depth study of extant literature in the area of study and analyses of the meanings of proverbs and folklore, the study is expected to open new vistas in finding African solutions to African problems.


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1. Ph.D (International Relations and Strategic Studies) Department of Political Science, University of Jos, Jos 2011

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Islamic Historiography

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Islamic Historiography History is a central theme in Islam as the scripture always challenges men to go through the Earth and see what happened to those before them. It also challenges men to ask those who have knowledge if they do not know. This motivation and the early successes of Islam spurred early Muslims and subsequent generations to seek knowledge especially historical knowledge to be able to comprehend the dynamic of History. The research set out to examine the development of History as a discipline in Islam and the contributions of Muslims to this important human endeavour. Through library search, content analysis and vigorous inferences, the study gathered data and analysed them for the comprehension of evolution of historical knowledge in Islam. The study revealed the development of history from the rigorous sieving of the sources of Hadith Prophetic sayings narrations and keen observations of events. The contributions of Muslim historians to unraveling African History are emphasized. The great histories of Al-Masudi, Al-Bakri, Al-Tabari, As-Saidi and Ibn Khaldun, among others are well treated. The study revealed the contributions of Islam and Muslims not only to Historiography but also to the Social Sciences.


OLUWATOKI JAMIU is a Professor at the Department of History and International Relations

OLUWATOKI has a Ph.D in International Relations and Strategic Studies from Department of Political Science, University of Jos, Jos

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