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Research Interest

Topic: Maternal And Child Health

Description: The research is focused on identifying the factors mitigating against the health of women and their children and such can be factors can be tackled to reduced maternal and child adverse health outcomes and provide an enabling environment for their overall wellbeing.


# Certificate SchoolYear
1. Ph.D (Sociology/ Demography) Lagos State University 2022

Current Research

Dynamics of Social Relationships and Lagos State University s Wellness in Four Decades

Research Details

To large extent, Lagos State University LASU has not known unbroken industrial peace and consistent progress since it was established in 1983. it has always ben different dimensions of local or external conflicts. Little is known about the role the types and nature of social relationships formed around the three core responsibilities of a university has been playing in the challenges of the institution. This study seeks to consider empirically how social relationships formed around teaching, research and community service in LASU since inception has shaped the University with respect to industrial harmony and quality productivity in the core responsibilities.The study adopts a mixed method approach involving qualitative and quantitative research designs which will be conducted amongst the four generations of academic and non-academic members of staff, alumni and stakeholders and students from 200 level. The qualitative design will consist of in-depth interviews, focus group discussions and key informant interviews. The study participants will be selected using purposive and snowballing techniques. The quantitative component will involve the conduct of a cross-sectional survey. All study participants will give their consent and could withdraw anytime if they want. The two data sets will be collected by the research team with field assistants. The field assistants will be recruited and trained for the exercise. The analysis will involve content-analyses of qualitative data and the use of SPSS to conduct three levels of statistical analysis on the quantitative data.The study outcome will entail defining the types and attributes of social relationships surrounding teaching, research and community service in LASU. Finally, the study will develop models of social relationships that can promote industrial harmony in an university and promote productivity now and in the future.


OLUPOOYE OLABUSOYE is a Lecturer II at the Department of Sociology

OLUPOOYE has a Ph.D in Sociology/ Demography from Lagos State University

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