Meet OLUFOWOBI OLUDARE OKIKIOLA, an Academic Staff of Lagos State University.


Philosophy Of Education


Associate Professor / Reader


Educational Foundations and Counselling Psychology


At the Educational Foundations And Counselling Psychology department office

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# Certificate SchoolYear
1. Ph.D (Philosophy of Education) University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria 2014

Current Research

Examining the Implications of Rousseau s Negative Education in the Context of the Pragmatists Principles of Intelligence and Social Utility

Research Details

According to Rousseau, negative education is aimed at building the learning process based on the natural capacity of the child along his or her growth. In other words, children should not be told what to learn, instead they should learn for themselves through experiences. The study intends to examine the logicality of this ideas and its personal and social benefits through the pragmatic principles of intelligence and social utility. The principle of intelligence is based on the belief that if what is desired is subjected to critical thinking, then it would be discovered whether the consequences of having it are such as would be in the long-term interest of the person who desires it. The principle of social utility is borne out of the premise that man is a social being who interaction with others is unavoidable. Therefore, the effects of what is desired on the lives of other people would also have to be considered.This is a philosophical study that employs the speculative, the prescriptive and mainly, the analytic mode of philosophizing.The study intends to find out the implication of this idea on knowledge acquisition in formal practice of education. It is expected to have a great implications on aims of education, method of education and content of education.


OLUFOWOBI OLUDARE is a Associate Professor / Reader at the Department of Educational Foundations and Counselling Psychology

OLUFOWOBI has a Ph.D in Philosophy of Education from University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria

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