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Topic: Photography In Nigeria: Whose Right?


Selfies are taken at every turn in private and in public places, photographs are taken at random at most occasions and people's images adorn photography studios in the streets of Nigeria. Photographers flock all parties and conferences struggling to take your picture and end up taking numerous pictures of people with and without their consent. The advancement in technology has made photographic processing (film development) faster and easy and has opened a new world of what can be done with photographs. Nigeria has a complicated photography terrain with a lot of freelance photographers with a high turnout of photographs taken without the individual’s consent or begged to render the service and the fact that they are taken by strangers one cannot but wonder what rights the various parties have and infringements which occur or are likely to occur with the taking and use of such photographs. Accordingly, this article seeks to examine the issues a photographer is confronted with specifically in relation to copyright and other rights. This article will further review where the right of ownership lies in relation to a photograph. And also the images and privacy rights of the persons being taken.


# Certificate SchoolYear
1. Ph.D (Intellectual Property Law) University of Pretoria, Pretoria RSA 2014

Current Research

Intellectual Property, Innovation And Technology Transfer: NOTAP's Perspective.

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The phrase “necessity is the mother of invention” is no doubt a well-known phrase which means when the need for something becomes imperative, one is forced to find ways of getting or achieving it. In turn, invention and innovation have now become the vehicle that drives economies into prosperity. Throughout ancient, post-classical and now modern eras of the world, groundbreaking inventions such as in the medical field, methods, procedures, and devices/tools have continually impacted great benefits on humans and society at large. Through invention and innovation, social problems have been solved, leading to economic, environmental and social sustainability. Emerging from this, as new innovations especially in technology spring up, the role of intellectual property in this cannot be underplayed. Regrettably, in developing countries and Nigeria particularly, the gains of the aforementioned have largely remained aloft. IP application, innovation and technology transfer has been a major challenge due to unfavourable conditions.  Thus, relying on observation, articles, journals, government reports and news media, this article seeks to analyze the roles of NOTAP regarding IP, and the transfer of technology, ways of improving same, challenges and achievements as well as a comparison between other developing climes.


OLOKO TEMITOPE is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Law

OLOKO has a Ph.D in Intellectual Property Law from University of Pretoria, Pretoria RSA

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