Meet OLAYIWOLA SIMEON IDOWU, an Academic Staff of Lagos State University.


French Literature And Pedagogy Of French As A Foreign Language


Senior Lecturer


Foreign Languages


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Research Interest

Topic: (1) French (and Caribbean) Literatures; (2) Teaching Of French As A Foreign Language (FLE).


Our research orientation has been fashioned and tailored towards the peculiar status, mission and vision of the Nigeria French Language Village (NFLV). Suffice to say that our publications have been influenced greatly along this line. There are two main areas of research interests which can be identified through our publications. French language teaching, through analyses and suggestions for replacement of existing loopholes in traditional old teaching methods with new learning and teaching approaches, such as communication, social interaction and action based methodologies which quicken language learning process and mastery for functional task resolutions with special focus on teaching and learning of literature.

The publications make bold suggestions on the need for teachers to review their attitude vis à vis the learners for a better productivity. The papers advocate adoption and introduction of available strategies into teaching of literature for a less stressful input and a better output (in terms of ability to speak and write the French Language within the shortest time possible.


# Certificate SchoolYear
1. Ph.D (French) University of Lagos, Nigeria 2017

Current Research

Theatre in French language teaching: prospects for learners and teachers of French as a foreign language

Research Details

The teaching of French as a foreign language has become a phenomenon that attracts the attention of teachers as well as students. From the point of view of its teaching, there have been problems and difficulties. Some scholars are of the opinion that these problems are associated with the learners while others believe that the teachers may not have been doing enough. In addition to this, there are some who point to inadequate equipment and learning materials. It becomes clear that there is need to look into how French can be better learnt in our classrooms. We have also, from our experience, discovered that Departments of French across the country are going through some tough times in the area of teaching without seeing adequate results on the part of learners. The research is basically geared towards finding reasons behind this trend and to introduce better learning strategies in language education policies especially introducing drama as part of the curriculum.


OLAYIWOLA SIMEON is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Foreign Languages

OLAYIWOLA has a Ph.D in French from University of Lagos, Nigeria

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