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Topic: Geriatric Dentistry


Introduction-Periodontal diseases are very common in the elderly, studies globally has attributed more than 60% cases of Periodontitis to the elderly population.

Objective- To asses the prevalence of periodontal diseases in the elderly population of Nigeria and to outline the underline local and systemic causes and treatment needs in the population.

To also determine the role of socioeconomic class, geographical location and cultural practices on the predisposition to the diseases.

Contribution-it will help to determine the size of the periodontal disease burden in the elderly population of Nigerian and  proffer solutions in the short and the long term. 


# Certificate SchoolYear
1. FWACS (Periodontology) West African College of Surgeons 2012

Current Research

The relationship between body mass inde,waist circumference, waist hip ratio and periodontal diseases among 9 to 15 year old dental patients in LASUTH

Research Details

Introduction-Body mass Index , waist circumference, and waist hip ratio has been associated with many systemic chronic diseases, the relationship with oral conditions has not been well researched in Nigeria.

Objective-This study is to assess the association of anthropometric measurements  and periodontal diseases among paediatric dental patients attending the child dental clinic in LASUTH Ikeja.

Methods- It is a cross sectional study involving 120 patients aged between 9 and 15 attending the child dental clinic of the Lagos University Teaching Hospital Ikeja Lagos. Demographics such as age, sex, parents occupation were obtained with a closed ended questionnaire administered by the researcher height, weight, waist circumference, hip circumference basic periodontal examination and periodontal pocket depth. SPSS will be used for the analysis, descriptives statistics will be carried out for the both the continuous and categorical variables.  T test will be carried out carried out  for hypothesis testing and logistic regression to control for the confounders.

Contribution- It is expected that the result will establish the relationship between obesity in children and severity of periodontal diseases and role of control of obesity in management of periodontal disease.


OLAGUNDOYE OLUFEMI is a Lecturer I at the Department of Preventive Dentistry

OLAGUNDOYE has a FWACS in Periodontology from West African College of Surgeons

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