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Mechanical Engineering


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Topic: Fluid And Structure Interaction

Description: When fluids conveyed by pipelines exceed critical velocity or are excited, instability sets in. If this is not properly controlled, it may result in the failure of the pipeline and cause other consequential effects. This study seeks to verify the impact of discontinuous elastic foundation on simply supported pipes conveying cold and hot fluids subjected to an external excitation. The discontinuous elastic foundations are modeled as second and sixth order polynomial functions, while the pipe is modeled as linear elastic beam. The different cases considered are rock and sand at support A case 1 , sand and rock at support B case 2 ;sand at the support A and rock at the support B case 3 ;sand and rock at the middle away from the supports case4 . In all these cases, pipe resting on each foundation conveying both cold and hot fluids were subjected to free and forced vibration. Numerical solutions are obtained using finite element method. The results show that response of linear pipes resting on non-uniform foundation mimics those of nonlinear pipes resting on linear foundation for the forced vibration and for the free vibration, for hot fluid the pipe buckle earlier than cold fluid. While some parameters make the foundation to be of destabilizing effect, others stabilize. For some parameters like fluid velocity, co-efficient of elastic foundation, and damping co-efficient, the non-uniform foundation modeled as a sixth order polynomial function act as a vibration absorber.


# Certificate SchoolYear
1. Ph.D (Mechanical Engineering) University of Lagos 2022

Current Research

On the dynamic behaviour of carbon nanotubes conveying fluid resting on elastic foundations in a magnetic-thermal environment: effects of surface energy and initial stress

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OLADOSU SURAJU is a Lecturer I at the Department of Mechanical Engineering

OLADOSU has a Ph.D in Mechanical Engineering from University of Lagos

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