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Research Interest

Topic: Immuno-reproductive Endocrinology

Description: Identifying and establishing secondary bio-markers in women with auto- antibodies as cause of immunological related reproductive failure


# Certificate SchoolYear
1. Ph.D (Reproductive Immunology Endocrinology , BIOCHEMISTRY) Department of Biochemistry, College of Medicine Idiaraba,University Of Lagos Akoka. Lagos 2009

Current Research

The Effect Of Bridelia Micrantha Leaves Extracts On The Level Of Reproductive Hormones Concentration In Blood Of Female Wistar Rats.

Research Details

To resolve the issues of infertility among some Nigerian populations phyto-medicine applications are being explored by looking at the Effects Of Mimosa Pudica Leave Extract On The Reproductive Hormone Concentration Changes In The Blood Of Female Rats .To evaluate the impact of the use of plant extract on the body physiology, the Study Of Biochemical Parameters Of The Blood Of Female Wister Albino Rats Fed With Psidium Guajava And The Effects On Hormonal Reproductive System is being undertaken. Further probe or exploration of local medicinal plants for their broad spectrum anti-oxidants potentials are also being undertaken so as to establish the Significant contribution to the scientific verification of the efficacy of local use of common medicinal plants, such as:•Hormonal Profile Changes Due To Extract Of Newbouldia Laevis Administered To Female Rats.•Evaluation Of The Immunological Responses Elicited In The Administration Of The Leaf Extract Of Newbouldia Laevis (Akoko) In Female Rats .Studies of oxidative stress and its effects in animal models, are being investigated so as to establish the significant ameliorating or the deleterious effects in animal model.•Metabolic Antioxidant Level In Female Rats Administered With Pro-Fertility Extract Of Anthocleista Vogelii.•Natural Antioxidant Role And The Effect Of Brysocarpus Coccineus Leaves Aqueous Extract In Immunological Distress Female Rat.


OLADIMEJI OLUGBENGA is a Associate Professor / Reader at the Department of Biochemistry

OLADIMEJI has a Ph.D in Reproductive Immunology Endocrinology , BIOCHEMISTRY from Department of Biochemistry, College of Medicine Idiaraba,University Of Lagos Akoka. Lagos

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