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Industrial/organisational Psychology


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Research Interest

Topic: Individual And Situational Factors As Predictors Of Workplace Deviant Behaviour And The Mediating Roles Of Organizational Culture.

Description: Workplace deviant behaviours have been identified as a key problem in today’s organization, being private or public. Therefore, understanding workplace deviant behaviours, either at interpersonal or organizational levels is more important than ever for survival of our organizations and the society at large. There is a need for empirical findings on factors predicting and sustaining deviant behaviours in our workplace and how organizational culture could mediates the influence of these identified variables. This understanding is important in order to avoid a chaotic work environment, because these behaviours are pervasive and costly, financially, socially and psychologically to the individual and organizations, especially in developing economies like ours, Nigeria.


# Certificate SchoolYear
1. Ph.D (Industrial/Organisational Psychology) University of Ibadan, Ibadan-Nigeria. 2021

Current Research

Task Orientation, Knowledge Sharing, Organizational Justice as Antecedents of Bank Employees Organisational Commitment

Research Details

The challenges facing banks as manifested in lower job commitment to work are now rampant among bankers. These were attributed to poor task orientation, low knowledge sharing and lack of organizational justice. However, to the knowledge of the research only few studies outside the Ibadan metropolis have investigated the contribution of the identified variables to the current level of organizational commitment among bank employees in Ibadan, Oyo state, Nigeria. The study was a cross-sectional survey research design. Two hundred and forty-six (246) employees were conveniently sampled from selected bank branches in Ibadan metropolis. The respondents responded to questionnaire containing demographic profile in conjunction standardized organizational commitment, knowledge sharing scale and organizational Justice scales. Data was analyzed using Pearson correlation analysis, multiple regression analysis, t-test and one –way ANOVA at 0.05 level of significance.

In conclusion, it was demonstrated that task orientation, knowledge sharing, organizational justice were important antecedents of sound organizational commitment. The research found that in promoting organizational commitment there is need for organizational justice, knowledge sharing, and positive task orientation for spurring optimum job performance.


OLABIMITAN ADEGBOYEGA is a Lecturer I at the Department of Psychology

OLABIMITAN has a Ph.D in Industrial/Organisational Psychology from University of Ibadan, Ibadan-Nigeria.

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