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Topic: Effects Of Organic, Organo-mineral And NPK Fertilizer Treatment On The Morphological Characteristics Of Amaranthus Cruentus.

Description: Introduction: Continuous usage of mineral fertilizer depletes the soil, degrades the soil and resulted in low farm production, less quality output and low profit margin.Objective: The study was set up to investigate the effect of Kola Pod Husk and City Refuse solely and in combination with N.P.K 15:15:15 on Morphological characteristics of A. cruentus. The aim of the research study was to make recommendation to the farmers in Lagos State on the efficacy of these two organic fertilizers, on how they affect the physical characteristics of A. cruentus plants.Results and conclusion: The two organic materials used as fertilizer produced the highest plant height, number of leaves, plant girth and leaf area at the two locations than when conventional fertilizer, NPK 15 : 15 : 15 , was used solely.Contributon to knowledge: The two organic fertlizers, KPH and PGB were used solely or in combination with inorganic fertilizer NPK 15:15:15 showcased a good morphological characteristics of the Amaranthus Cruentus at the two locations, LASU Ojo and Ikorodu.


# Certificate SchoolYear
1. Ph.D (Agriculture) University of Ibadan 2007

Current Research

Effects of soil physical properties on Efficiency of soil organic carbon sequestration in selected farming system in South Western Nigeria.

Research Details

Introduction: Different farming practices have effects on soil constitution such as soil texture, soil pH, soil consistency, soil nutrient interaction and soil nutrient availability. There is a need to compare these practices and know the rate of soil carbon sequestraton and soil quality for optimum crop production output.Objective: The objective of this study was to determine the effect of bulk density, particles size, pH and electrical conductivity on the efficiency of soil organic carbon sequestration in four study sites in Lagos State. Study Sites: Study Sites involved four (4) locations in Lagos Statea.Organic/conservation farm plot-Ikorodu farm settlementb.Manual and continuously crop farmers plot adjacent to farm settlementc.Majek Agro forestry situated at Lekki Pennisulad.Conventional tilled farmer plot adjacent to Majek Agro forestry. Result and conclusion: Bulk density and conductivity of the conservation/organic farm plots were not significantly (Pless than 0.05) different from agro-forestry, whereas bulk density and conductivity of the soil samples of the conservation tilled/organic farm plots were found significantly (Pless than 0.5) different from the adjacent conventionally tilled/continuously cropped farm plot. Thus, bulk density, pH and particle size of the study sites were found to influence the quantity of soil organic carbon stock (SOC) at each study site.Contribution to knowledge: The four farming practices investigated showed that organically cropped soil and agroforestry soil resulted in moderately low pH,low bulk density low conductivty that resulted in high soil carbon sequetration. However, heavily tilled soil and continuous cultivated soil resulted in low pH, high bulk density, high conductivity and low soil organic carbon sequestration.


OKUBENA-DIPEOLU ESTHER is a Professor at the Department of Agriculture

OKUBENA-DIPEOLU has a Ph.D in Agriculture from University of Ibadan

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