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Public Policy, Public Sector Management, Development Administration, E-governance, Gender Studies


Lecturer II


Public Administration


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Topic: The Privatization Of Public Enterprises And Its Effect On Organizational Productivity

Description: Privatization of public enterprises in Nigeria became the panacea for making the enterprises more efficient, effective and productive. With privatization, such organizations could be longer be maintained by the government because they had become a financial burden to the public budget. Due to its growing popularity worldwide, privatization was viewed in Nigeria as the necessary step for alleviating the government of the problems of owning and managing public enterprises. It was expected that privatisation would ensure that such enterprises, when transferred to private ownership, would significantly improve in their level of productivity.The aim of the research was to examine the effect of privatization of public enterprises on organizational productivity. The foremost utility company in charge of electricity generation, distribution and transmission, the Power Holdings Company of Nigeria PHCN , was used as a study.The methodology used descriptive to analyze and summarize the data relating to the study on a sample of a population which becomes a representation of the entire population.The results of the study showed that there has not been any significant improvement in the productivity of the privatized enterprises. Another finding revealed that privatization has not brought financial discipline to the enterprises.The expected contribution of the research is that it provided analysis in the form of comparing and contrasting the privatization policies in Nigeria alongside other public sector reforms programmes that have been carried out in the Nigerian public sector organizations.


# Certificate SchoolYear
1. Ph.D (Public Administration) Lagos state University, Ojo, Lagos. 2021


OJO ANN is a Lecturer II at the Department of Public Administration

OJO has a Ph.D in Public Administration from Lagos state University, Ojo, Lagos.

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