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# Certificate SchoolYear
1. M.Sc (Epidemiology and Medical Statistics) Department of Epidemiology, Medical Statistics and Environmental Health 2007

Current Research

Multidisciplinary AMS intervention in Africa MAIA : A prospective audit and feedback model for peri-operative antibiotic prophylaxis in 10 African hospitals

Research Details

IntroductionSurgical site infections SSIs constitute major causes of mortality and morbidity and high costs of health care. While the principles of antibiotic prophylaxis in surgery are clearly established and multiple guidelines have been published, global adherence to peri-operative antibiotic prophylaxis PAP guidelines is generally poor.Recent systematic reviews in sub-Saharan Africa have highlighted the risk of SSIs was strikingly higher than in equivalent surgical procedures in high income countries but in contrast, very little data are available on implementation and adherence to PAP measures. This study aims to promote multi-disciplinary, collaborative action across African hospitals, regarding implementation of a clinician-pharmacist C-P team driven audit and feedback quality improvement QI model for PAP, and secondly, to achieve a sustainable reduction in SSIs.MethodologyPre-implementation phaseThe PAP model will be introduced to relevant clinicians and nurses through institutional workshops, and a 12- week survey of pre-intervention compliance rates with the process measures will be performed using the key components critical to the pre-implementation phase of the model.Post-implementation phaseThis phase will commence with the completion of the pre-intervention recording of compliance with the four process measures. Individualized, hospital-specific goals to improve compliance will be revised continuously and feedback provided toeach institution for 12 weeks.QI model for PAPThe multidisciplinary teams will choose at least one or more surgical procedures to audit and each team will be required to undertake a stepwise implementation process in their hospital by auditing the four measures for the chosen surgical procedure s in hospitalized patients receiving PAP.Expected outcomesA sustainable mechanism to ensure international antibiotic prophylactic best practices are implemented in the hospitals, to decrease the incidence of SSI and promote the role of Clinician -Pharmacist teams in clinical settings and AMS, to improve patient care in Africa


OGUNLEYE OLAYINKA is a Associate Professor / Reader at the Department of Pharmacology

OGUNLEYE has a M.Sc in Epidemiology and Medical Statistics from Department of Epidemiology, Medical Statistics and Environmental Health

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