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1. Ph.D (International Law.) People s Friendship University, Moscow, Russia. 1993

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One distinction features of international law as compared to municipal law is that its subjects are those entities which also create it and keep it developing through their multifarious activities. It is a fact that these subjects do not participate equally in the creation norms of international law, which also means, as the International Court of Justice put it in the Reparation case that they do not have the same status under the law. In fact, some of them may start as object of international law until the primary subjects states grant them subjectivity through the principle of recognition. And here lies serious problem because the potency of the principle of recognition derives from that of the higher principle of sovereignty which implies that a state is totally free to recognize or not to recognize. This has important consequences for these entities that aspire to become subjects of international law. For example , what will be the legal status of any entity recognized as a subject of international law by some states but not recognized by other states? In any case, since there exist entities generally accepted as subjects of international law, this paper will first examine them. we will then discuss the controversial subjects, laying emphasis on the features which make consensus about their status difficult or simply impossible to reach.


OGBOYE LATEEF is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Law

OGBOYE has a Ph.D in International Law. from People s Friendship University, Moscow, Russia.

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