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Sociolinguistics And Gender Studies


Associate Professor / Reader


English Language


At the English Language department office

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Topic: Gender Lens And Toponymic Landscape Study Of Selected University Campus In Nigeria


The study x-rays name pattern on selected campuses in Nigeria using gender equality lens to determine whether they are gender sensitive or insensitive. The cultural geography framework with a sociolinguistic gender model are used. Both quantitative and qualitative methods of analysis are used on the collected data on one campus in Southwest Nigeria. Preliminary results show a linguistic landscape that discriminates against women and favours masculinity. As social actors, users and readers of the landscape are being socialized to be gender biased thereby undermining one of the SDGs. This findings are in violation of the UN 2019 resolutions on human linguistic rights and contradicts the creation of safe public space for women and girls.


# Certificate SchoolYear
1. Ph.D (Sociolinguistics) Department of Languages and Linguistics, University of Essex, Colchester, UK 2004

Current Research

Doing contemporary stylistics

Research Details

The research explores how to do stylistic analysis using contemporary theories such critical,forensic cognitive, statistical, feminist literary, multimodal, metaphorical,discourse, , linigo-literary, reader response stylistics among others. The goal is to provide a handbook for researchers and students who are stylisticIans. It provides historical, theoretical and methodological perspectives of contemporary stylistics.  Contributors wrote from different approaches to stylistics and offer insightful models for doing stylistics from traditional stylistics to modern stylistics. A survey of stylistics from its beginnings to the literary school, linguistic approach to Jacobs on, W iddowson,Short and the others in register, educational stylistics are explored. The objective is to cover areas that are contemporary concerns including corpus stylistics. The edited volume is expected to be a must read for stylistic Ian who are interested in applying the discipline to address practical issues in human society and endeavours. It is noted noted that grammatical models are used including functional systemic grammar, structural and traditional schools. Analysis uses all the levels of linguistic analysis including sociolinguistic, discourse tools to enliven analysis and approaches.


MUSTAPHA ABOLAJI is a Associate Professor / Reader at the Department of English Language

MUSTAPHA has a Ph.D in Sociolinguistics from Department of Languages and Linguistics, University of Essex, Colchester, UK

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