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1. M.Sc (Electronic & Computer Engineering) Lagos State University, Ojo (MSc.) 2023

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INTRODUCTION: Collaborative manufacturing (CM) involves the sharing of information or collaboration between enterprise processes over internal or external stakeholders for the goal of implementing a software product to the desired taste of the end user. collaboration is desirable to a non-collaborative model as it gives the developer an assurance that he is on the right track with his implementation.

AIM: The aim of this work is to give a review of relevant researches that have been published on CM techniques.

OBJECTIVES: 1.     To give a background study of CM and its importance 2.     To enumerate and explain the categories of CM strategies 3.     To analyze and state the conclusion from reviewed related research works on CM.

METHODOLOGY:  Starting from chapter one which comprises the introduction or the background study on CM and its ideology, the chapter two which is about the review of previous related works done on CM techniques, where analysis of each reviewed published paper was carefully carried out and conclusion was thereafter iterated. 

RESULTS: The review of the several published related research works on CM as analyzed in this paper serves as the results. Not less than 61 resources were referenced in order to materialize the aims and objectives of this paper. 

CONCLUSION: How each  of  the  four  types  of  collaborative manufacturing  strategies are carried out were discussed in details in this paper  as methodology, which symbolizes  part  of  the manufacturing  cycle. 

RECOMMENDATION: With the emergence of the new technology called the Internet of Things (IoT), it is recommended that researchers should explore the new adventure of its kind called the Internet of Manufacture of Things ( IoMoT). 


MUMUNI QUADRI is a Graduate Assistant at the Department of Electronics and Computer Engineering

MUMUNI has a M.Sc in Electronic & Computer Engineering from Lagos State University, Ojo (MSc.)

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