Meet MOGAJI TIJANI AKINOLA, an Academic Staff of Lagos State University.


Arabic Linguistics


Lecturer II


Foreign Languages


At the Foreign Languages department office

Visiting Hour

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Research Interest

Topic: Arabic Linguistics, Text Linguistics, Discourse Analysis, Semantics, Translation Studies, Islamics, Middle Eastern And North African Studies

Description: Textual analysis/evaluation of Arabic linguistic and literary texts of diverse orientations towards unraveling the communicative value of such texts is the forte of this researcher. Hitherto, linguistic analysis down the ages focuses on the isolated sentence as the crux of analysis. The text/discourse as a unit larger than the sentence is viewed as a unified entity which encompasses syntactic, semantic, pragmatic, semiotic and cognitive dimensions of language in use/application. Science of Texts Textology involves various application of texts over time, multidisciplinary approaches to textual/discourse analysis viz rhetoric, literary criticism. Logic, Sociolinguistics, cognitive. Text linguistics and Discourse Analysis/Discourse linguistics, a fall-out of textology is the fulcrum of my research.


# Certificate SchoolYear
1. Ph.D (Arabic Linguistics/Contemporary Criticism) Lagos State University, Ojo 2023


MOGAJI TIJANI is a Lecturer II at the Department of Foreign Languages

MOGAJI has a Ph.D in Arabic Linguistics/Contemporary Criticism from Lagos State University, Ojo

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