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Restorative Dentistry


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Restorative Dentistry


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Topic: Comparing Incidence Of Intraoperative And Postoperative Pain Among Men And Women Undergoing Root Canal Therapy.

Description: Introduction: In the course of doing my dissertation I came across a research work where it was noted that females who were menstruating in the course of their root canal treatment experienced pain more that those who were not. this is an aspect I want to explore.Aim: Comparing incidence of intraoperative and postoperative pain among men and women undergoing root canal therapy. Methodology: The subjects in this study will be divided into three groups: 1. All Men, 2. Women who are menstruating during treatment, 3. Women who are not menstruating during treatment. Pain test will be done both subjectively and objectively. Result: If the finding in the research work, I came across in the course of my dissertation was right was right, we expect to find that hormonal changes in women impact on their pain threshold making them feel pain more readily. We expect that pain incidence would be more in the group of women who are menstruating while undergoing root canal treatment. Contribution to knowledge: This would add to our knowledge and help in the scheduling of female patients so the receive root canal treatment only when they are not menstruating.


# Certificate SchoolYear
1. Certificate (Leadership and Management in Health) University of Washington 2020

Current Research

Correlating the size of the gutta percha to that of the corresponding file

Research Details

Introduction:An endodontic procedure is done to eliminate infection from the root canal and periapical tissues. In order to do this, various steps must be carried out successfully. These steps would include proper history taking and diagnosis, critical review of the pre-op radiograph, proper access cavity preparation, adequate cleaning and shaping of the canal, a 3-dimensional hermetic sealing of the canal. All these come together to give a favourable outcome of endodontic treatment.During the stage of cleaning and shaping, the size of the master apical file which is the last file used to prepare the apex is noted. This size should correlate with that of the Gutta Percha, for instance, if the master apical file is size 40, the corresponding master cone Gutta Percha to be used should be size 40. However, in clinical practice, this is not always the case. It sometimes necessitates the use of smaller size Gutta Percha or the use of larger size Gutta Percha and sometimes, just cutting 1mm from the tip of the Gutta Percha would solve the problem.Aim: To correlating the size of the gutta percha to that of the corresponding fileMethod: This will be done my measuring the tips of corresponding gutta percha and filesResult: We expect based on practical experience that there may be some descrepancies.This work should denomstrate the level of descrepancy


MENAKAYA IFEOMA is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Restorative Dentistry

MENAKAYA has a Certificate in Leadership and Management in Health from University of Washington

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