Meet MBISIKE ROSARRI CHINEDU, an Academic Staff of Lagos State University.


Semantics And Pragmatics


Senior Lecturer


English Language


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Topic: Vagueness In Some Unsolicited Text Messages Of A GSM Service Provider

Description: My research interests are predominantly in the fields of Semantics and Pragmatics, though with some tinge of Lexicology, Communication and Gender Linguistics. My research on “Vagueness in Some Unsolicited Text Messages of a GSM Service Provider”, projects the issue of vagueness as a factor to be considered in the discourse behaviour of GSM telephone service providers. A semantic and pragmatic approach is adopted for this work. It is expected that this research will challenge owners of GSM telephone networks to review all the vague messages carried by their networks in order to create an effective communication and improved human social interaction.


# Certificate SchoolYear
1. Ph.D (Linguistics (Semantics and Pragmatics)) Department of Linguistics, University of Ibadan, Nigeria 1997

Current Research


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My current research investigates the branding process of automobiles from both a semantic and pragmatic perspective, respectively, with the objective to determine the message conveyed to users of the products through the uniqueness of the brand names. ‘Brand name’ as defined by Merriam-Webster Dictionary is “having a well-known and usually highly regarded or marketable name”. It is significant to note that brand awareness is a powerful marketing strategy that gives an edge to manufacturers, because it increases sales in the marketplace. This research examines both the connotations and implicatures of the brand names. It is hoped that this research will throw more light on the significance of brand names, as well as highlight various influences brand names have in product choices. What impact could a brand name have in the marketplace? What linguistic considerations are of relevance in creating a brand name? Addressing these questions, and much more, are the concerns of this research


MBISIKE ROSARRI is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of English Language

MBISIKE has a Ph.D in Linguistics (Semantics and Pragmatics) from Department of Linguistics, University of Ibadan, Nigeria

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