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Theatre Arts and Music


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Topic: Popular Music


Popular Music

Researches on Nigerian popular music and artistes are illustrated by publications in chapters (iv) 2018; (v) 2017; publications in journals (ii) 2020; (iii) 2019; (iv) 2017; (v) 2016; (vi) 2016; (vii) 2015; (ix) 2013; (xii) 2011; and (xvi) 2008. They constitute an important reference point for literature on the Nigerian popular music and artistes. In addition a number of publications explained in a diachronic way, the origin, growth, development, expansion and musical contents of Hip hop music genre and its variants found in contemporary Nigerian music.


# Certificate SchoolYear
1. Ph.D (Ethno-Musicology) Institute of African Studies, University of Ibadan 2010

Current Research

The Performance Context, Organisation and Performance Practices of Oblu Music among the Ogu people of Badagry, Lagos State

Research Details

This paper examines Oblu music, a social music performed mostly as an essential part of interment during burial activities among the Ogu communities in Badagry and its environs, Lagos, southwest Nigeria. Data was collected through participant observation, in-depth interview and bibliographical evidences. Oblu music in Ogu culture is utilitarian and purposive in all ramifications. The paper interrogates the view that Oblu music is characteristically a social music and mainly performed by men for events, activities in families and communities for pre and post funeral celebrations. It is vocally oriented; its musical instruments include membranophones and idiophones. Songs performed depict the kind of ceremony going on at any particular period and are arranged to express different levels of human emotions. Like most musical activities in African communities, study observed that Oblu music is an integral part of the Ogu society expressing Ogu socio-cultural practices thus contributing significantly to continuity in Ogu people's Identity. 


LOKO OLUGBENGA is a Associate Professor / Reader at the Department of Theatre Arts and Music

LOKO has a Ph.D in Ethno-Musicology from Institute of African Studies, University of Ibadan

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