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Project Management


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Management Technology


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Research Interest

Topic: Digitisation: The Future Of Project Management

Description: Emerging technologies have revolutionised the project management industry and transformed traditional practices. The rise of Artificial Intelligence AI and machine learning has provided us with valuable data and insights that can transform projects and consumer experience.


# Certificate SchoolYear
1. M.Sc (Project Management) Department of Management Technology, Lagos State University 2018

Current Research

The Impact of Project Stakeholder Management on Project Success of Construction Projects in Lagos, Nigeria: The Mediating Role of Project Complexity

Research Details

The size of the complex project which requires significant stakeholders and workforce has made its management much more complicated than those of small, conventional projects. As the project increases in size, the trials associated with managing relationships among its sub-projects grow more complicated. It is, therefore, essential to recognise all stakeholders involved in the delivery of complex projects with their respective interests, influence, power and perception about the projects and manage them effectively to deliver the projects successfully. To corroborate these revelations, previous studies during the last decade have investigated factors that led to the successful completion of projects. The findings of their research revealed that the duration of the construction project, project delivery method, improper project planning, wrong project financing are the major contributors to project delays which, in the long run, result in unsuccessful delivery of the project. These researchers did not anticipate stakeholder&s identification and engagement as one of the factors that could make or mar the project from its successful completion. From all these studies, a few of them have identified stakeholder engagement as one of the critical aspects of project success.Based on the issues raised above, the study aims to examine the interactions between factors of stakeholder management stakeholder identification and stakeholder engagement and project success factors timely delivery of project and project delivery within budget considering the mediating role of project complexity on the interactions.


LAWAL YUSUF is a Lecturer II at the Department of Management Technology

LAWAL has a M.Sc in Project Management from Department of Management Technology, Lagos State University

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