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Topic: Carbon Footprint, The Environment And Refugee Movement

Description: Carbon footprint is the climatic burden which a refugee carries into his host state. A refugee will have to cook his meal, transport himself from one place to the other and engages in all human activities often directly or indirectly expressed in equivalent tons of carbon dioxide CO2 . What is established here is that the influx of refugees into a particular area creates further depletion of the ozone layer through their carbon footprints. While refugees have rights to international protection, a state also has responsibilities to protect its environment. At the centre of these is the place of law which eventually will have to regulate these fears and challenges. However, within the gamut of international protection, lurks the failure to establish a legal framework for climate refugee. This happens only because international protection law assumes that the cause of the statelessness of a refugee must be animate. Now, as things stand, where persecution does not possess, nor has the characteristic of life, it is often difficult to establish a legal basis for protection. This work addresses the need for legal framework to clearly protect the environment and climate refugee, in order to prevent the often resort to self-help in a matter that deserves some judicial interventions. This work is exploratory and employs snowball sampling technique. This work identifies the lacunae in international protection with regard to the regulation of the relations between the environment and climate refugee and suggests the need for a protection regime for both the environment and climate refugees.


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1. Ph.D (Migration and Refugee Studies) Political Science, University of Ibadan 2016

Current Research

Migration Industry in Nigeria: The Cartels, the Capital and the Oaths

Research Details

Nigeria has the fifth highest number of citizens who cross the Mediterranean and the highest number of migrants flow within the ECOWAS sub-region in the bid to search for greener pastures. These migrations are often perilous. This work offers a comprehensive conceptualization of why migrants ignore the clear danger in the movement from Kano Nigeria through Agadez and Qatroun Niger to Serbha, Libya and the Mediterranean Sea to Lampedusa Italy .This work proposes the concept of a closed-option migration industry in Nigeria as the ensemble of entrepreneurs, businesses and services which, motivated by the pursuit of commercial motive, left migrants at the mercy of the cartels. The precept is that in spite of the capital intensive nature and cost of migration, migrants are charged only registration fee of $120 for a service and investment which reek in $40,000 for the cartels. This work links the desperation and perils of the migrants to the quest to pay back the total cost of investment and this leads to the casting of an inviolable pact in form of oath-taking. The paper contends that migration is actually precarious and is directed by the consequences of oath breaking and economic despondency of migrants. This work is exploratory as primary sources of data are interviews with deportees who had used the migration routes, interviews and access to the data of the IOM, National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons NAPTIP , Nigeria Immigration Service etc.


LAWAL OLAWALE is a Professor at the Department of History and International Relations

LAWAL has a Ph.D in Migration and Refugee Studies from Political Science, University of Ibadan

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